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At Miami All Construction,
we strive to deliver excellence and value to our clients,
while maintaining a leadership position in the industry.

About us
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About us

Miami ALL Construction was created to facilitate ALL construction and renovation needs by dealing with only one person and one company. Understanding how stressful and lengthy these projects become, we have specialized in bringing together the best professionals from every field. So, we guarantee outstanding service, quality, and efficiency at the most reasonable and competitive price, so you can enjoy the process and celebrate the victories of your results and ours.


In everything we do and how we do it. LOVE, and VALUE what we do. APPRECIATE all the opportunities we have.


From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. Consistency with whatever needs to be done.


In everything we do, feel and say. All projects crystal clear, speak only the TRUTH. Our customers will feel they can trust us 100%. Communication all the way.


Each other, our policies, our customers, our competitors, our tools/equipment, our environment, other’s work.

Hard work

No construction business is done without the hard work and dedication of its people. We are different; we’re the HARDEST WORKING people in the industry. We are the most successful. Our success mainly will be dictated by how HARD and SMART we WORK. Our work ethic is admirable.


We are committed to our customers, our people and our success. We get it done and we get it done well and ON TIME. We put up with NO excuses. If we fail, we get back up quick, LEARN from it and move on.
“Without commitment we’ll never start, but without consistency we’ll never finish”. DW

Philosophy and Vision: Our purpose and vision is to grow our business to a nationwide scale where we can compete at the highest level. Passion, discipline, commitment, hard work, respect, integrity, and culture are the core values that will help us deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction, which is our main goal and our mission.

Culture: Our culture is to learn every day, from each  other, from experiences, by being great listeners,  listening first.
Everyone must participate in decision-making. We are learn it ALL instead of know it all. We grow TOGETHER. Truthful and genuine care for our people, we are proud of working here, proud of representing us. We BELIEVE in ourselves, in what we do, where we are going, what we want to accomplish and what it will take us to get there.

Some of our work.


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We are always striving to bring on board the most skilled, qualified, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented people that will uplift and represent our values and commitment out there on the field.
Come and join us, find out about what it means becoming a partner in our team, benefits and more.
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We have specialized in bringing together the best professionals from every field. So, we guarantee outstanding service, quality and efficiency at the most reasonable and competitive price.

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