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We build modern, sophisticated, and beautiful bathrooms.

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Nothing like showing your new bathroom. How modern, sophisticated, and beautiful it looks. We want you to be proud when your loved ones tell you how great of a job you did, we did. Enjoy the privacy of your bath in a luxury-like environment at an affordable cost.

Over 14 years of building, remodeling, and modernizing South Florida bathrooms have given us the ability to produce extraordinary results 100 percent of the time.

Call us today, show us your projects or your ideas and will come to you for free.



Bath tubs, showers

Glass curtains


Toilet installation.


Lighting – Outlets

Accessories installation

Shower valve – Faucet – Vidette – Mirror – Caddy shelf

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We have specialized in bringing together the best professionals from every field. So, we guarantee outstanding service, quality and efficiency at the most reasonable and competitive price.

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